Sentech Architectural Systems offers pre-engineered systems for custom structural glass applications. Sentech’s professional team includes structural engineers, architects, project managers, and designers.

Using cutting edge structural glass systems, the Sentech team designs, develops, and tests custom solutions and new structural glass technologies. Recently completed projects include bullet-resistant glass systems and systems designed to absorb blast impact loads.



Cable Net Structures

This highly transparent structural glass system eliminates the use of conventional support structures by utilizing single pre-tensioned cables arrayed in a vertical pattern. This new generation of glass walls allows for the design of highly transparent facades and blast resistant applications. These simple glass systems offer a clean and seamless look with all the capability of conventional wall systems. Cables can be arrayed in any geometric pattern and horizontal cables can be added for increased height capabilities or to develop geometries with double curvature.

Glass Fin & Steel Structures

Glass fin walls and overhead applications are designed to utilize glass as the main structural support element. Used for large façade applications and storefronts, glass fin walls provide a highly transparent and cost effective structural glass solution. Sentech's innovative glass fin solutions allow for the design of walls that can absorb large loads and building displacement without compromising the structural integrity of the structure. Fins are an ideal solution for large overhead applications where transparency is a governing design feature.


Overhead Systems

Using cables and geometric shapes to develop strength, our engineering team has designed hundreds of clear-span overhead applications. We specialize in stainless steel, glass and tension elements to develop low frequency, highly transparent solutions for large-span overhead applications.

Step-On Glazing System

Sentech’s Clearstep system is an all glass stair system custom designed for each application. The robust embedded glass connections have been tested to ensure long lasting performance and provide unparalleled elegance. The embedded fitting design gives the stair system a distinctive appearance and can be used for glass treads and glass floors.


Blast & Bullet Resistant Applications

Recent advances in design technology have provided designers with numerical modeling tools that allow for accurate prediction of the behavior of structures under blast impact loads. These advances in technology, coupled with the increased need to provide façade designs that can mitigate damage under blast loads, led Sentech to develop and test structural glass systems that can be designed to absorb blast impact loads.

Sentech's cable net systems have proven to be an ideal solution for this type of applications because of their flexibility and highly ductile behavior. One of these systems was recently used in the renovation of the Court of International Trade building in New York.

Entrance Applications

Sentech’s line of high capacity entrance systems ­fittings are designed to handle large doors, transom panels and sidelites. This proprietary system uses true bearing connections to eliminate high stress concentrations and properly distribute loads at all connection points. Using special rotules, friction free connections and needle bearing pivots, our entrance solutions are engineered for high traffic conditions. With today’s increasing demand for entrances with tall doors and large transom panels, Sentech offers a structural ­fitting system with unparalleled strength and reliability.